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Social Media Marketing Services

Is your business having issues leveraging real results from social media networks? Have you been spending too much time and money with too little to show for it?

Have you seen the dynamic growth of social media networking and wonder why your business is not seeing similar results?

GTA SEO can get you moving in the right direction fast!

We create and manage efficient and effective social media marketing programs that interact within communities in your industry, raise brand awareness, and drive quality relevent traffic and leads to your business.

Our social media program begins with an in-depth evaluation of your target audience and your business objectives. Once these are defined, we begin researching the major social networks for the best fitting communities and groups of people. Once we have built an exhaustive database of suitable audiences, we then collaborate with you on other aspects of the overall strategy such as content, platforms, objectives, tracking and expectations.

Then, and only then, does our team start marketing you in earnest, and thanks to the backend infrastructure we have developed, we can do it at roughly 50 times the speed of anyone else. Let us show you how we can blow your expectations out of the water today.

Social Media Traffic Aquisition

What many other companies fail to realize is that the single most important social community connection is with an audience that is actually looking for the product, service, or info you provide.

Why? Because most people flock around others with similar interests, jobs, needs, etc. which creates a unique opportunity for extending participation outward. We understand the subtle nuances in these relationships, and we will find your specific audiences participants, and dynamicly engage them to extend and enhance your brand awareness, products, services, and information.

The short of it is: we grab them by the eyes and make them desire to see your offering, because it is already what they needed.

Our first step with any client, big or small, is determining exactly what you need, and expect. After that we start the research phase and collect data on your specific audience, collaborate with you to make sure you get the full potential out of your campaign possible. Once all of that is completed, our team of extremely driven individuals start making you realize we strive to deliver far more than expected.

Creating a Social Media Presence

We know that you realize you need to be active in the social communities. We also know that is time consuming and that your time is best spent managing your business.

This is where we come in.
We can build your social media presence, such as:

  • Creating a professional Facebook company page with distinctive cover and profile images, and making company and contact information easily accessable to visitors.

  • Creating a professional Twitter profile with a custom background and profile image.

  • Creating Youtube, Pinterest, Google+ profiles.

Once you have a presence, we can even help further save you time by providing:

  • Unique daily and weekly updates across Facebook and Twitter

  • Social media marketing analytics and performance reporting

  • Giveaways, contests, polls creation and other promotional effects.

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