Full SEO Service

Our FULL Canadian Search Engine Optimization Package is for those who own a website and want to hit the highest in google they can for certain keywords but dont know how to get these results. This contains everything from website analytics, website optimization, link building, ranking and reporting on these keywords.
There are 4 options for you to choose from, Bronze , Silver , Gold and Platinum .

WEBSITE Optimization Service

Our On Page Optimization Package offers an intense over look of each page in your website and doing the research to find the best possible keywords for your targeted customer in Canada. We then optimize each page accordingly for the keywords we come up with and agree on.

Link Building / BRANDING Service

Our Link Building Package is for those who own a website and already had the website optimized for search engines, but just need those extra links to hit the keywords you are trying to rank for. We have access to 100+ local Canadian websites that your links will be placed on, with you getting a report where each link is.

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